Nonwovens Innovation Academy 2017

  • 25 Oct 2017 - 26 Oct 2017
  • , Chemnitz, Germany

The Nonwovens Innovation Academy (NIA) brings together an interdisciplinary group of academics, students, researchers, scientists and engineers and aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and research results to encourage the development of technical understanding and knowledge that will help to support the growth of the nonwovens industry in the future.

EDANA closed with success the Nonwovens Innovation Academy, which was hosted from the 5th to 6th November, 2015 by the University of Leeds (UK), one of Europe’s largest universities.

For the next edition, the NIA will be held at the STFI institute, Research Testing Transfer Certification, on October 2017 in Chenmitz, Germany (www.stfi.de)

Dates still need to be confirmed. 

A few quotes from some of the 120 participants attending the NIA 2015:

“It is my 5th participation to the Nonwovens Innovation Academy and each time I appreciate the variety of topics presented”

“I liked the keynote, very inspirational. It definitely highlights the potential of nonwovens in the field of innovation”

“The general quality of the presentations was outstanding, and the organisation, too”

“The possibility to interact with students and researchers is a great feature of the academy”

“The modelling session was quite a challenge for me, but it did improve my understanding of nonwovens”


Since 2006, and the kick-off edition in Roubaix, France, the Nonwovens Academy has brought together around 650 delegates from a large number of academic, research and testing institutes from 4 continents as well as industrial companies.
The conference has rotated so far between French, German, Swedish and UK centres who had the opportunity of hosting the conference and showing their capabilities in the field of the nonwovens research and innovation.

Any research or academic institute or university department interested, is invited to join this network. 

The 2015 conference offered:

Dr. Bryan Haynes as keynote speaker
the Academy’s presentations began with a keynote speech: ‘From incremental to breakthrough innovation – moving nonwovens innovation forward’, by Dr Bryan Haynes, Director of Global Nonwovens Research & Engineering from the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

A diversified programme
With contributions from both the academic world and from the nonwovens and related industries. The topics were:

  • New materials
  • Emerging technologies
  • Processing recycled carbon fibres
  • Modelling
  • Performance enhancement

Much more than a conference!

Visit of the Nonwovens Research Group facilities
The conference started with a visit of the Nonwovens Research Group’s facilities at the University of Leeds, one of Europe’s largest academic groups specialising in nonwovens science and technology

A posters session

Delegates had the opportunity to visit a poster session showcasing academic projects and studies, and network during the breaks with their authors. The authors (students and researchers from a number of centres of excellence) have been selected to present their latest work within the broad range of topics pertaining to the scope of the Academy.
Awards were given to: 

- Tarun Kumar Agrawal (University of Lille/ENSAIT): "Intelligent Nonwoven Carpet for Human Footstep Tracking"
- Robabeh Zohreh Gharaei (Leeds University)

The winners are invited to present a paper to the EDANA's International Nonwovens Symposium in Warsaw, which will take place on 1 -2 June 2016. EDANA will also cover the cost of travel, accommodation and registration. 

And of course... networking! 
The Nonwovens Innovation Academy offered many formal and informal opportunities to network with speakers and professionals, including an evening cocktail and a nonwovens art and fashion showcase. 

NIA 2013 Edition
- Tourcoing (Lille Metropole) | France
  The NIA 2013 featured a Poster Session, which gave the students the opportunity to show their study/research.

all the posters presented during the NIA13 Research & Innovation Poster Session.


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