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  • 21 Sep 2016 - 23 Sep 2016
  • , Madrid - Spain

The World's Premier Nonwoven Personal Care Products and Hygiene Conference

 LOGO_OUTL2016 OUTLOOK™ draws a high-level audience of senior management and leading decision-makers from the whole supply chain of the nonwovens personal care and hygiene industries.

OUTLOOK™ has gone from strength to strength for 14 editions, with its most recent edition in Athens (Greece) attracting over 420 participants from 182 companies, coming from 35 countries in September 2015.

"With the broad supply chain for the NW hygiene market present at OUTLOOK, the Athens event confirmed the value of attending for our business"
Eamonn Tighe, European Fibers Business Development for Natureworks LLC.

"OUTLOOK is the event where the global NW hygiene industry meets. As a nonwoven supplier to this industry, it was essential that we attend and network with other participants"
Ray Dunleavy, Head of Global Marketing, Strategy and Business Development at Fitesa.

OUTLOOK™, the ‘must-attend’ event for the personal care and hygiene products industry, offers not only opportunities to learn about the newest trends and developments in Europe and beyond, and access the valuable networking opportunities scheduled throughout the event, but also high level inspirational speeches of resonance to any leader in today’s complex business world. 

 Geoffrey West Keynote - Geoffrey West:  "How universal biological scaling laws can help understand the structure and dynamics of social organisations, such as cities and corporations"
Science Board, Science Steering Committee - Distinguished Professor and Past President, Santa Fe Institute (United States)

Robert Glaze pict  Keynote - Robert Glaze:  "The fourth industrial revolution"
President, The Brenva Institute (United States)

 Markus Hengstschläger Keynote - Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger:  "Business: Is it in your genes?"
The Institute of Medical Genetics, the Medical University of Vienna (Austria)

Other presentations include:

  • “Risk communication in the 21st century: lessons for the nonwoven industry"
  • “Global feminine hygiene market: similarities and differences across the Americas, Europe and China in 2015” 
  • “Megatrends and healthcare: implications on consumers, body images, and nonwovens”
  • "Competing and complementary trends and their impact on spunmelt's future"
  • “Industry leadership towards better waste management in Brazil”
  • “The booming hygiene market in the Indian subcontinent”
  • “Latest developments and perspectives of nonwoven processes for hygiene applications”
  • “Transforming a company, from structure to capabilities and people: a continuous drive for growth and innovation”
  • ...

The conference offers: 

  • Cost-effective and exclusive European location
  • Daily formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Ideal facilities for your additional business meetings
  • Top level speakers tailored to the needs of key executives :
    Markets (Geographic, Economic)
    • Technology, Product Development and Innovation
    • Applications and Research
    • Sectors and Future Growth
    • Market Data and Trends
    • Regulatory Landscape
    • Sustainability

Networking, the key of your event!

OUTLOOK™ makes it convenient for you to do business. Meet the leaders, the companies and the partners who will support the growth of your nonwoven business.

Delegates are offered many formal and informal opportunities to network with speakers and senior corporate leaders, including two evening cocktails.

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