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Finishing treatments

There is an opportunity to meet the needs of the customer even more precisely by modifying or adding to existing properties. A variety of different chemical substances can be employed before or after binding, or various mechanical processes can be applied to the nonwoven after binding.

Nonwovens can be made conductive, flame retardant, water repellent, porous, antistatic, breathable, absorbent and so on - the list is a very long one. They can also, for example, be coated, printed, flocked or dyed, and can be combined with other materials to form complex laminates.


The nonwoven fabric is now complete and in a roll. Converters can take it a stage nearer its final form by slitting, cutting, folding, sewing or heat sealing.
In this way, the quality, properties and size of the converted nonwoven products can be further tailored to the precise needs of the customer, and the tasks to be performed in an impressively broad range of end-uses.
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