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Diaper Testing Guidelines

These guidelines were developed by a group of leading manufacturers of baby diapers and leading test institutes with expertise in testing baby diapers. EDANA and its member companies drafted this document with full awareness and respect for the principle of strict independence of consumer testing organisations. For this reason, these guidelines are intended as recommendations to be used as and when applicable for the objective of the test at hand and were designed as a tool to support the efficient and scientifically sound testing of diapers through best practices. Comments and proposed changes and additions will be most welcome to further improve and maintain these guidelines up to date.

Compared to the first version, these guidelines have been revised, adapted and expanded. They include all steps of a diaper consumer test, including sampling and test design, performance tests, interpretation and publication of results. Statistical methodology and technical parameters impacting test results were taken into consideration for the development of the guidelines.

In order to ensure that the products are tested in an accurate manner and that the results reflect the actual experience of consumers, it is recommended to consult manufacturers, to conduct tests in a laboratory with experience in testing diapers and to include a user trial.

For convenience of use, contact details to the main manufacturers that are members of EDANA were included, along with a sample test questionnaire. Any feedback and input to the guidelines is welcome and will be taken into consideration in future versions.

The Guidelines are available below.
EDANA Diaper test guidelines_cover image

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