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Wet Wipes and the environment

Plastic does not belong in our oceans, rivers or the water system and we all need to play our part to minimise the incorrect disposal of wipes.

To help consumers make informed decisions about wipes, more needs to be done to better inform and improve transparency on what they are made of and how they should be disposed of. Key to this is absolute clarity on which wipes can and cannot be flushed. It’s important that packs guide consumers to dispose of their wipes in the correct way.

This has long been an industry focus. All our members committed to implementing the updated 2017 EDANA Code of Practice, which stipulates a prominent front of pack ‘Do Not Flush’ logo. Efforts on devising guidelines to assess the flushability of a wipe date from 2004. These standards have been proven fit for purpose.

We recognise that more needs to be done and no one group alone can solve the problem of the effects of wipes on the environment. We also acknowledge the necessity to support wider consumer habit change and are initiating an awareness campaign to facilitate this. We believe that together the industry, authorities, retailers, water bodies, NGOs and consumers all have a role to play protecting our planet.


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