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ABL test method

EDANA and its member companies support the ISO 16021 position that the freedom from product leakage is the most important factor when evaluating the best incontinence products for use. As a result, the industry has developed a user-centred approach to test the absorbency of incontinence products, to replace the plain absorbency test that has been in use since the 80’s.

The EDANA-recommended method (NWSP 354.0.R1 (15)) is a laboratory test designed to give results as close as possible to in-use-reality, assessing the product’s capacity and speed to absorb, in a situation where a wearer is laying down or even bedridden - elements which are not reflected in the ISO 11948 standard.

EDANA and its members believe that the three key elements for positively managing incontinence are: product evaluation based on useful criteria, allowing wearers and caregivers to make a propose selection and provide access to the products that best meet their needs.

With the ABL test method, healthcare professionals have a foundation to select and prescribe a better product, targeted to address the needs of every incontinence sufferer to better meet the challenge of incontinence.

The test method allows the evaluation of the performance of incontinence products for moderate and severe incontinence and has been validated for all-in-one briefs (from XS to L) and two-piece products (pads together with fixation pant).

The test is available free of charge to members of the Association, or for purchase here.


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