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Blotter Paper

The test methods in below table require the use of blotter paper.

Based on the use of Grade 989 blotter paper from Ahlstrom, EDANA recommends to use the number of layers as specified in the right column.

Test method

WSP number

# of layers

Strike through time

70.3 (08)



Coverstock Wetback




Run off

80.9 (09)



Repeated liquid Strike Through time

70.7 (11)



Wetback after repeated Strike Through

70.8 (11)





The actual number of layers used in a test needs to be reported in the test report.

Note: the number of layers of blotter paper that one should use in each method has been partly implemented in the respective test methods in the 2015 edition, in case of differences the above table prevails over the text in the individual methods (since the method may have been developed with a different type of blotter paper in mind). 

Ahlstrom grade 989 blotter paper can be purchased from:

Contact: Joerg Hamann
Telephone: +49 37 347 8317

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Germany GmbH
Niederschlag 1
09471 Bärenstein


The recommendations shared with the nonwoven suppliers and converters in September 2011 are confirmed, that testing has shown that Grade 989 can be used as a substitute for the originally recommended paper. However, it should be understood that both papers are not equivalent, and that no comparison should be made between results obtained by one or the other absorbent paper. Users are encouraged to start building up their own database for further reference and comparison.



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