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NWSP 354

To whom this may concern,

Subject: Absorption Before Leakage test method (NWSP 354)

Brussels, May 2017


EDANA wishes to inform you that the current so called ‘absorption before leakage’ test method, referred to as NWSP 354.0.R1 (15) is likely to change in the near/mid-term future.

The background for this change is the fact that this method acts as the starting point for an ISO working group (ISO TC173/SC3/WG2) that aims to publish an ISO method (referred to as CD 19331) that is designed to measure the performance of Adult Incontinence products for bedridden patients.

In view of these developments, EDANA advises to refrain from using the current NWSP 354 for drafting new product specifications or for setting up new test equipment.

For all situations where the current method has been in use for an extended period, nothing changes till the ISO standard is published and the NWSP 354 will have been updated accordingly.


For any further information, please refer to Marines Lagemaat (


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