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Supply chain

Today, EDANA unifies the diverse interests of over 240 member companies in a unique vertically-integrated structure all along the supply chain, which in itself affords strong opportunities for many mutually-beneficial initiatives. As such, the association is a single and powerful voice for the nonwovens industry and all of its associates – from polymers to final products – and actively promotes their common interests.
In addition to the traditional promotion and advocacy role of an international trade association, EDANA is committed to share knowledge, experience and best practice across the vertically-integrated supply chain we represent in order to promote the contribution of our sector to safe and healthy lifestyles.


The nonwovens and related industries are considered to be among the most sustainable industries in Europe. Pioneers in sector environmental management, we provide essential everyday products to society and are important contributors to economic wealth and competitiveness. The industry strives to be more efficient in its use of resources, to minimise its environmental impact and to encourage sustainable consumption.
EDANA continues to view sustainability as key to our vision and strategy. Everything we do has an impact on our contribution to a sustainable future. In turn, the changes at hand throughout society, the economy and the environment have an impact on the way our industry does things now, and our approach to the future.
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