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Fundamentals in Filtration Training Course

EDANA’s “Fundamentals in Filtration Training Course” can provide you with the knowledge of filtration theory, standards and applications.

Day 1 starts with a short overview of nonwoven technologies in air filtration, followed by background information on air pollution, definitions in the field of filtration as well as legal and health implications of air pollution. It continues with the introduction to filtration theory basics and important standards.

Day 2 covers the filter media used, filter element manufacturing options, followed by the description of applications such as general air filtration, air pollution control, breath protection and filtration in transportation.

The course closes with a chapter on adsorption of gaseous components in the air.

Who should attend?

  • Filter media and filter equipment manufacturers
  • Nonwoven and fiber manufacturers
  • Consultants and Laboratory staff

EDANA enables companies in the nonwovens industry to keep abreast of developments in the manufacture, conversion and applications of nonwovens. For years, EDANA has developed the nonwoven learning cycle and two unique segment oriented training courses which it runs for its members and non-members several times per year, this Filtration training course and a course on Absorbent Hygiene Products.

These highly acclaimed Training Courses, have been successfully established in Europe and through its close links with nonwovens associations in the USA, Japan and Australia, EDANA has made its expertise available worldwide.

The continuously updated training courses, containing exclusive copyrighted material and data, make extensive use of visuals, samples and group development exercises.

The number of delegates at each course is strictly limited to 24 participants to encourage active participation. 



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