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The Nonwovens Learning Cycle™

   The nonwovens industry is dynamic and displays promising potential for a variety of different and innovative applications across different sectors.
Some products are an integral part of consumers’daily lives, while others will soon become indispensable. Others yet are still to be invented.

To contribute to the successful education of the industry’s current and future talent, as well as to contribute to your further skills and knowledge development, EDANA offers a complete cycle of nonwovens training courses in partnership with CETI.

Discover the "Nonwovens Learning Cycle™", a rich and dense programme based on a vast legacy of knowledge and information exchange, brought to you by EDANA and its partners, including industry-bred co-tutors, companies and research centres.
TNLC_Introduction Provides you, with an introduction to the world of nonwovens, where basic manufacturing technologies, materials and applications are presented.  It is offered through an efficient and easily accessible virtual classroom.
TNLC_Intermediate Provides you with more in-depth information over three days. For 2 days, the full range of manufacturing technologies and raw materials is presented, with illustrations of both raw material and product samples. The third day features a visit to CETI where a guided tour will show nearly all manufacturing technologies, including a demonstration on one of the lines.  
TNLC_Advanced Go a step further than the intermediate course to focus on understanding the various production parameters in nonwoven manufacturing, and how these can be used to modify product properties in the areas of carding, meltblown and spunbond. Process engineers, product managers are invited to capitalize on CETI’s world-class facilities which features a unique range of combinations of web-forming and bonding machinery; 
TNLC_Development Focuses on innovation and product development, covering the full product development cycle, including market research, market trials, business plans and marketing. Participants work with a software package supporting the innovation process, and can also bring their own questions and challenge for this course. With its range of combinations of web-forming and bonding machinery, CETI offers the ideal premises for this opportunity for advanced support.

Date Programme Register Location
20 February 2019 -
21 February 2019
Spunbond/Meltblown - CETI, France
26 February 2019 -
28 February 2019
Intermediate course - EDANA Offices, Brussels
13 March 2019 -
14 March 2019
Carding - CETI, France
30 April 2019
Webinar:Nonwovens Introduction
21 May 2019 -
23 May 2019
Intermediate course - EDANA Offices, Brussels
04 June 2019 -
06 June 2019
Guided Development in Nonwovens - CETI, France
10 July 2019 -
11 July 2019
Carding - CETI, France
10 September 2019
Webinar:Nonwovens Introduction
17 September 2019 -
19 September 2019
Intermediate course - EDANA Offices, Brussels
06 November 2019 -
07 November 2019
Carding - CETI, France
13 November 2019 -
14 November 2019
Spunbond/Meltblown - CETI, France
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