Promoting sustainability

We understand sustainability as affirmative action to minimise negative impact on the environment and to create positive environmental, social and/or economic developments in the activities of the nonwovens industry. This is to be created in close dialogue and partnership with all of our stakeholders. 

The EDANA Sustainability Vision

EDANA developed a Sustainability Vision 2030, giving clear insight into the priority topics on sustainability for our industry.

The vision combines the most prominent topics of the materiality matrix with key United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) for the industry. The four key areas are:  Sustainable supply chain, Eco-efficient, Building trust and Responsible end of life. Each area is defined by a clear ambition.

The vision aligns the industries’ priorities and allows the industry to collectively head in the same direction. It should be interpreted as a guideline rather than a rule to help our members identify their priorities and further develop their own sustainability strategy. EDANA’s role is to facilitate interaction and help the industry progress towards their sustainability goals in line with the United Nation's SDG’s.