EDANA workshop

Get together in Brussels to exchange, innovate, get updates and meet your peers

As a member of EDANA, you are invited to participate in our workshops and webinars on a wide selection of topics affecting the nonwovens and relate dindustries. 

Workshops feature experts who present the latest updates, food for thought, innovative ideas and provide ample room for questions and debate as well as an effective networking.

Recently, EDANA has organised the following workshops and webinars: 

  • Vision system
  • Indian market for absorbent hygiene products
  • EDANA SME Forum
  • Global nonwovens markets & trade
  • Environmental claims on renewable raw materials
  • Nonwovens definition
  • EU legisltation
  • Recycling nonwovens and related products: current developments and furutre opportunities
  • Rules of origin
  • Intellectual property
  • Senior management on innovation
  • Automotive nonwovens
  • Safety and regulatory supply chain information for abosrbent hygiene products
  • Biocide products regulation
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