Consumers and product users

Wipes made from nonwoven fabric make lives healthier and more convenient.
From moist toilet wipes, to baby wipes, to personal care wipes the choices continue to grow to meet demands.

Did you know that some wipes are designed to be flushed, while others are not?

Unfortunately, sometimes even those wipes not designed to be flushed, such as baby wipes, make their way into the toilet.  Because they have a potential to be used in the bathroom or soiled with bodily waste, we sometimes flush them in error.

To help inform you about which wipes should not be flushed, we’ve developed a “Do Not Flush” symbol for companies to use on packaging.
Be sure to look for it and read and follow all disposal instructions.  By doing so, you help prevent costly clogs in your home and in the wastewater system, and by disposing wipes properly, you also help our environment.  

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Marines Lagemaat