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Product Stewardship

EDANA’s mission for the last 40 years has been to support the industry, especially in areas of critical performance and safety requirements. ‘Product stewardship’ has been the wording of choice to describe the holistic approach taken by the industry, which includes technical standards, sustainability and regulatory challenges, technology and innovation, demands from consumers, and market forces.

EDANA continues to support and drive its members’ activities in the area of self-regulation, which includes the development of position papers and test methods, the promotion of dialogue between geographic locations and regulatory bodies, and a focus on the social, economic and environmental sustainability of our industry.

This approach has provided the framework of our services for many years, with the following activities delivered under this approach:
  • Technical:  EDANA and its member companies have developed voluntary test methods in a number of areas, and also are active in standardisation activities outside of EDANA (for example EN 13 795, for surgical gowns and drapes).  In addition, EDANA works together with its American counterpart to provide industry standard test methods, many of which become ISO or CEN methods.
  • Regulatory: EDANA and its member companies have a clear commitment to fully comply with all applicable regulations or even exceed these regulations in many cases.
  • Sustainability:  Voluntary Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), Sustainability Reports and the Industry Sustainability Charter and Strategy, cross-sector workshops, plus Right4Hygiene  which considers the contribution that personal care wipes and absorbent hygiene products (AHPs) can make to skin health and social sustainability.
This approach towards greater product stewardship, and a more far reaching view on our responsibility to the industry, has been a strong part of the global message our team has spread in conferences and symposia across the world.

For example, the absorbent hygiene products sector has developed voluntary Exposure-Based Risk Assessment guidelines for various hygiene products, and a Safety and Regulatory Guidance (version 2 - December 2016). EDANA has also published a Guide to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), which you can download from here.

EDANA BPR Guide March 2015

You can download the nonwovens and related industries guide to the Biocidal Products Regulation here.

Additionally, the AHP sector has developed voluntary Exposure Based Risk Assessment guidelines for various hygiene products and a Safety and Regulatory Guidance. Various sector groups have developed common positions on regulatory and safety-relevant topics which are available to EDANA member companies.

Safety and Regulatory Supply Chain Information for Absorbent Hygiene Products Dec2016

You can download the Safety and Regulatory Guidance here

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