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The EDANA Environmental Claims Guidelines provide clear and comprehensive guidelines on best practices when making such claims.

Companies that make important efforts to reduce their environmental impact should be given the opportunity to communicate these efforts (e.g. through statements on products or other types of information) and should be protected from unfair competition by those that make unfounded environmental claims.

The industry recognises the importance of responsible advertising and marketing as essential means of informing customers and consumers about characteristics and qualities of their products. With those guidelines they commit to promote environmental claims that:

  • Comply with all relevant regulatory frameworks;
  • Are sincere, truthful and not vague or misleading;
  • Allow customers and consumers to make informed choices;
  • Promote fair competition;
  • Aim to prevent claims that may be unfair or misleading

In the document you will find;

  • Definitions
  • General Principles
  • The Regulatory Framework
  • Guidelines
  • Main product claims: definitions and examples of good and poor practices
  • Ecolabels and certification schemes
  • Environmental claims concerning a company

envirnmental claims
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