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Vision 2020

Nonwovens Vision 2020: Looking ahead at the fabric of the future

EDANA in its role as the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries is committed in its objective to help our members design their future.

As part of this ongoing process, our Board of Governors and selected industry experts have pooled their experience and insight to look beyond the horizon in a disciplined way.

EDANA worked with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) to assess the megatrends likely to affect the global society, and use this to identify the trends relevant to our industry, and those actions that companies or the industry could take to address them.

Three key areas of the report focus on Globalisation, Sustainability and Innovation. The three areas will influence changes across the whole value chain, from the raw materials to finished products. Across these areas, one thing is clear: nonwovens are more valuable than ever; they help improve and protect not only people’s lives, but also the environment, and they hold the potential to provide innovative solutions to globalisation and sustainability challenges.

For the years ahead, EDANA has a triple focus: adapt our organisation, advocate a free and fair trade, and foster product stewardship.  This focus is the foundation of our association – from our mission and vision, to the principles which guide us every day.

Vision 2020

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