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Competition Guidelines

EDANA Competition Guidelines contains the EDANA Competition Guidelines. For any questions, please contact

These guidelines are the EDANA trade association antitrust guidelines dealing specifically with any activity organised under the auspices of EDANA. These guidelines do not replace in anyway the specific antitrust guidelines of member companies. Member companies are strongly advised to adopt and implement such guidelines.

The Guidelines provide actions for the meeting of member companies together with EDANA. Below is a list of 'Do's and Don'ts', summarising the full document above.


  • A competition law warning shall be provided verbally and/or in writing by the General Manager (or a member of his staff) at each relevant EDANA meeting
  • The General Manager (or a member of his staff) shall supervise each EDANA meeting
  • EDANA and its Members shall strictly follow the agenda and take accurate minutes at every meeting
  • EDANA shall strictly maintain its statistical activities within the scope of the information to be collected and distributed, as defined by the EDANA Board of Governors
  • When issuing recommendations or guidelines to be followed by members on the basis of a voluntary agreement which may restrict potential or actual competition, EDANA and its members shall ensure that advantages arising from such agreements compensate for any disadvantages resulting from the possible restriction of competition
  • EDANA and its Members shall not hesitate to ask counsel for assistance each time they consider that Competition Law issues may arise


  • EDANA shall not make individual company information available
  • Sensitive commercial topics shall not be the object of specific statistics
  • EDANA and its Members shall abstain from making any recommendations on future market strategy
  • Members shall not discuss sensitive market information or other market data collected by EDANA
  • Members shall not be allowed access to any original data provided by individual contributors
  • Members shall not attend meetings where commercially sensitive information is exchanged
  • Members shall not agree amongst themselves not to sell to a particular client
  • Members shall not agree to share or divide territories or sources of supply in order to restrict natural market competition
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