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EDANA Call for Papers, and Grant Submissions for Nonwovens Research Academy

EDANA released its public call for papers for the Nonwovens Research Academy, to be held at the Institute of Technical Textile at RWTH Aachen University from the 15th to 16th March 2010.
EDANA released its public call for papers for the Nonwovens Research Academy, to be held at the Institute of Technical Textile at RWTH Aachen University from the 15th to 16th March 2010.  Those interested have until 30th September, 2009 to submit their abstract for their presentation.

The Nonwovens Research Academy (NRA) provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and research results and encourages the development of technical understanding and knowledge which helps to support the future growth of the nonwovens industry.  Since its creation in 2005, the NRA rotates between European centres of excellence in nonwovens research.

The 2010 event will also offer dedicated sessions on Nanotechnology and Sustainability, with a special emphasis on bio-engineering and raw materials from renewable sources, to illustrate to commitment to sustainable practices and efforts by the nonwoven industry.

Similar to previous years, EDANA is sponsoring a grant for a student working in a nonwoven or related field.  Submissions should be received by 27th November, 2009, and include a one-page CV, letter of introduction explaining why the student is applying, and a recommendation from one professor.  The selected student will be announced at the Nonwoven Research Academy by Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA.

Initial abstracts should relate to at least one of the following processes, products or performance-related aspects of nonwovens science and technology, including:
  • Polymer science and technology
  • Fibre science and technology
  • Mechanics of web formation and bonding
  • Engineering design of nonwoven fabrics
  • Functional fabric finishes and treatments
  • Property or process modelling
  • Structure-property relationships in nonwoven materials
  • Testing and characterisation of nonwoven fabrics
  • Methods of nonwoven fabric manufacture and conversion
  • Recycling, re-use and sustainability
  • Studies of nonwoven fabric properties, performance and function in specific applications (for example in medical, hygiene, automotive and transportation, civil engineering, agriculture, horticulture, clothing, insulation, filtration, composites, domestic products and new applications).
Abstracts must be in English and should be a maximum of half a page in length.  The abstract must include the full paper title, the name and affiliation of all authors with full contact details and e-mail addresses.  In addition, the abstract must provide sufficiently detailed information to effectively communicate the significance and technical content of the paper.  To ensure a valuable session for delegates, and fairness between presenters, no commercial, competitive or marketing presentations will be selected.

Abstracts must be submitted by 30 September 2009 to Ihssane Mediari (  Authors of the selected abstracts will be asked to submit their full presentation by 20 November, 2009.

About EDANA’s Nonwoven Research Academy
EDANA’s Nonwovens Research Academy aims to promote fundamental understanding and knowledge of the science and technology of nonwoven fabrics, products and processes as well as related disciplines.

The Academy will bring together an interdisciplinary group of academics, students, researchers, scientists and engineers to present and disseminate pre-competitive and post-competitive research studies relevant to the nonwoven industry.

EDANA, serves the nonwovens and related industries (previously known as the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association), and has 225 member companies in over 30 countries.  Its Mission is to create the foundation for sustainable growth of the nonwovens, absorbent hygiene products and related industries through active promotion, education and dialogue.  Information about other upcoming events can be found on

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