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EDANA returns to India for a second time to give their world renowned training courses

As a result of the successful “première” which took place in 2006, EDANA, in cooperation with BCH, returned to India in 2007 to give their training courses on Nonwovens and Absorbent Hygiene Products for a second time.
As a result of the successful “première” which took place in 2006, EDANA, in cooperation with BCH, returned to India in 2007 to give their training courses on Nonwovens and Absorbent Hygiene Products for a second time.

Taking place during the week of 1 December 2007 in New Delhi, these 2-day training courses provided a unique opportunity for India’s newcomers to the industry to quickly gain a complete understanding of the various technologies, processes, raw materials and market aspects of nonwovens and absorbent hygiene products.

Geared towards the specific needs of senior management, this high-level education session, held in India for the second time, attracted almost forty marketing and technical/R&D executives from nonwoven producers, suppliers and converters, as well as potential investors.

Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA, commented that, “With the training courses we offer our member companies the opportunity of training their local staff and enable potential investors to understand the distinct character of nonwovens as a capital-intensive industry, as well as highlighting opportunities and options in nonwovens technologies. In turn this allows them to make a more enlightened choice, thereby possibly avoiding mistakes that can negatively impact markets, for example. lead to overcapacities etc... in the development of nonwovens in India.”

India, with a population of over a billion people, of which above 300 million are middle class with high living standards and significant purchasing power, has the potential to develop a healthy, competitive and open nonwovens market that provides opportunities to both domestic and foreign direct investments. EDANA has already seen a growth in nonwovens applications such as automotive, interlinings, agriculture and medical nonwovens. Geotextiles, especially, are expected to grow rapidly since over the next five years.

Partnership for growth
This is the second time that EDANA and BCH (Business Co-ordination House) have partnered up to offer training courses with very successful results. BCH is an Indian organisation which provides a comprehensive and vital resource of information along with promotional activities to their members for all areas of nonwovens and technical textiles under one roof. BCH endeavours to empower the nonwovens and technical textile industries by creating a bridge that links various companies, entrepreneurs, students, academicians and other stakeholders of the industry, from all across the globe.

The Training Courses, which were developed by EDANA, have been successfully established in Europe and North America (originally under licence granted by EDANA to INDA) and have also been delivered by EDANA's Technical and Education Director, Jean-Michel Anspach, in Belgium, Malaysia and Czech Republic and in local language in France and Brazil.

The continuously updated training courses, containing exclusive copyrighted material and data, make extensive use of visuals and samples.

By offering the training courses in India, EDANA is achieving one of its aims which is to offer educational activities (training courses, seminars, symposia...) to raise awareness of industry issues among professional stakeholders of local and foreign (EDANA member) companies. The other main aim of EDANA in India is to assist in the set-up of an INDIAN NONWOVENS PLATFORM, e.g. to establish governmental relations and quality standards to support the industry growth.

EDANA and BCH will be announcing the next training courses dates for 2008 shortly, which will take place in Delhi in connection with the IIT Nonwovens and Technical Textiles Conference (11-13 November 2008).

Jean-Michel Anspach giving training course in India

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