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ABINT-EDANA Workshop Delivers its Promises - Major step towards success of 2015 OUTLOOK Latin America

“Sustainability in the value chain of nonwovens and technical textiles”, the workshop organised by ABINT and EDANA on the 19th November 2013 in Sao Paulo, has delivered on its commitment of support to the Latin American nonwovens and related industries.

The workshop organised by ABINT, the Brazilian Technical Textiles and Nonwovens Associations and EDANA, the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries on 19th November in Sao Paulo on “Sustainability in the value chain of nonwovens and technical textiles” has delivered on its commitment of support to the Latin American nonwovens and related industries.

 Over 60 delegates from the nonwovens supply chain heard from speakers on themes ranging from Brazil’s National Plan for Solid Waste (PNRS) and its impact for various product categories and industries, to Plastic Recycling and its relevance to nonwovens, Life-Cycle Thinking and EDANA’s Product Stewardship Approach as part of its Nonwovens Vision 2020.

The complexity and uncertainty of interpretation and implementation of the PNRS can cause concerns to associations representing several industry sectors. Delegates heard that a number of these representative bodies, including those supporting packaging, cosmetics and absorbent hygiene products, are involved in consultations for proposed sector implementation agreements for the PNRS.

EDANA’s contributions to the workshop covered both the association’s leading expertise in Sustainability for nonwovens and related industries and other aspects of Product Stewardship, presented in Portuguese by Jean-Michel Anspach, EDANA’s Technical and Education Director.

“The Board of ABINT is grateful to EDANA for these contributions which played a decisive role in the success of the workshop.” said Wagner Souto Carvalho, ABINT’s President

ABINT and EDANA have a long history of working closely together, with a conference on nonwoven personal care products recently announced for Latin America in 2015.

“We are delighted of the choice of Sao Paulo as the venue of the first edition of OUTLOOK Latin America  announced for March 2015 by EDANA and INDA”, says Laerte Guião Maroni, ABINT’s Director of Communication, “and this workshop is a major step towards the success of this conference.”

“Many EDANA member companies have expressed their interest in the developments underway in Latin American markets. This is a first step and EDANA welcomes further opportunities to work with INDA and ABINT, in order to support the sustainable development of the nonwovens and related industries, thanks to our Association’s long history and industry-leading experience in product stewardship” says Pierre Wiertz, General Manager

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