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Tribute to Norbert Dahlström

The EDANA team would like to pay a tribute to Norbert Dahlström who passed away in early July. In parallel to his fruitful career as a CEO of Freudenberg, Norbert was actively engaged in EDANA spending 10 years in the Board including a successful mandate as Chairman from 1986-88.

On the 31th July, 2014, a celebration in memory of Norbert Dahlström, who passed away in early July, took place in Frankfurt in the presence of friends, colleagues and senior management and partners of Freudenberg, where he spent most of his career.

Attending the ceremony, Pierre Wiertz, general manager of EDANA, said: “We have been deeply saddened by Norbert Dahlström’s untimely death, and on behalf of the Officers and Board of EDANA, I would like to present to his entire family, our deepest and most sincere condolences.

In parallel to his fruitful career as a CEO of one of the largest nonwoven companies in the world, Norbert was actively engaged in EDANA to help develop the identity, growth, recognition and international status of nonwovens, those products that so much contribute to people’s quality of life, from personal and healthcare to filtration, mobility and infrastructure.

Norbert spent over 10 years in the Board of EDANA including a successful mandate as Chairman from 1986-88, and five years after his retirement he was more than happy to return and deliver an inspirational speech at our global summit at INDEX 2005 in Geneva in support of new efforts of global partnerships between nonwovens associations of the world.

I have been in close professional contact with Norbert on various occasions from the time of his chairmanship to his retirement, and remain impressed by his professional diligence and visionary stature. I also had the privilege of sharing very pleasant moments with him as recently as November 2011 when he joined us to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of EDANA.

Norbert Dahlström was one of the most influential and forward-thinking persons in the nonwovens industry and EDANA wishes to acknowledge his long support of the association, and his deep and valuable influence in the development and recognition of the nonwovens industry worldwide.”

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