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Outlook asia

OUTLOOK™ Asia confirmed as the leading nonwovens hygiene conference

EDANA closed the second edition of the OUTLOOK™ Asia conference for the nonwovens hygiene and personal care products industry.

“OUTLOOK™ Asia has already been established as a must-attend event for innovative companies based or with an interest in Asia Pacific, and is recognised as connecting companies within the nonwovens and related industries across the region.” said Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA.

OUTLOOK™ Asia offers the nonwovens personal care products supply chain, access to and support in this leading region.  The conference offers delegates networking opportunities with participants from across the global personal care products supply chain, ideal facilities for additional business meetings and top level speakers, presenting topics tailored to the needs of executives from the personal care products industry. 

Opening the conference, Martin Riant, Procter & Gamble Group President for Global Baby, Feminine and Family Care opened the conference. In addressing the audience, Martin highlighted the opportunities and challenges for the absorbent hygiene product industry, especially given the demographic and environmental positions of the various countries across Asia. Martin confirmed that with a strong history of innovation and a growing market for its products, the nonwovens industry is a good business to be in. However, he cautioned the audience to consider the potential future challenges to the industry, particularly as sustainable growth will require more concerted action on environmental sustainability.

With a supply chain willing to transition to renewable materials, the elimination of waste during manufacture, and industry-led solutions to post-consumer solid waste, Martin expressed confidence in the future of the nonwovens industry, supported by EDANA's product stewardship activities and ability to bring the industry together to build consensus for a way forward.

The second day was then launched by David Dodwell, Executive Director of Strategic Access Limited in Hong-Kong, with the topic “How China is re-engineering the global economy”. In this presentation, David discussed how the global economy was in the process of being ‘re-engineered’ at a pace previously unseen, and the opportunities and challenges that this presented, both for businesses, but also for the impact on the environment and global resources.

Additional information about future events across Asia and for the nonwovens personal care and hygiene products industry can be found on "Conférences and Symposia" section of the EDANA website. 

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