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EDANA launches new automotive filtration infographic showing savings of 2.6M tonnes of CO2 in the EU alone

New infographic by EDANA shows that automotive nonwoven filter media deliver 2.6m tonnes of CO2 savings per year in the EU alone.

EDANA, the leading global association serving the nonwovens and related industries today launched the newest infographic, delivered as part of its study into durable nonwoven applications.

With 13 million new cars registered in the European Union each year, nonwoven filters enable savings of 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year.  This saving equals the reduction of 800,000 passenger cars on the road, or driving 12 billion kilometres in a medium-sized passenger car.

Nonwoven filter media provide a huge benefit for vehicles, thanks to their ability to deliver smaller, lighter and more efficient filtration of cabin air, fuel, motor oil and engine air. In addition, nonwoven filter media perform more effectively for a longer time, making every kilometre you drive more efficient.

“Without high performance nonwovens, many recent innovations to make cars cleaner and more efficient would not have been possible.” Said Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA. “Thanks to nonwovens, today’s efficient motor technology means more fuel saved and less pollution, which in turn means cleaner air and better health for all people.”

By using nonwoven filter media, each vehicle can deliver environmental benefits that are 6 times higher than the impact required to both produce and dispose of the products, making them an essential part of a modern, efficient and responsible automotive industry.

The automotive filtration infographic is on the EDANA website, and available to download from here -

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