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4th edition of FILTREX™ Asia delivers on growing market needs

The conference highlighted the essential role of nonwoven filter media in addresing pollution challenges and securing quality of life.

EDANA, the leading global association serving the nonwovens and related industries brought the FILTREX™ Asia conference and tabletop exhibition to a close, thanking all delegates and visitors for their attendance, and for the active and profitable discussions and meetings during the networking sessions.

With more than 150 attendees, the 2015 edition of FILTREX™ Asia included presentations which highlighted not only the valuable opportunities present in the sector, but which also highlighted the ongoing need for filter media in their essential role to resolve pollution challenges, and to improve the quality of life.  The expert speakers discussed new ways of collecting finer particles from the air, preventing the invasion of insects, separating contaminants from water, and reducing energy consumption for financial and ecological reasons.

Opening the conference, and greeting participants, Mr Godfrey Leung, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region said that EDANA’s choice of a location was most appropriate thanks to Hong Kong’s reputation, and consistent recognition in votes for best business destination in several international surveys.  Additionally, Hong Kong’s scientific park hosts a range of high-tech and innovative industries, among which nonwovens filter media could feature, both thanks to the technologies involved, and their end uses.

“Nonwoven filter media are essential in protecting our health, and our lives.” said Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA. “A report released last week stating the European Union’s early mortality rate due to poor indoor and outdoor air quality provides a sobering reminder that clean air is critical to our health and survival. China’s Premier Li Kequiang has been a leader in responding to this challenge, committing his attention, and the government’s focus to the issue across China in 2014, declaring a war on pollution, just like his predecessors some years before had declared war on poverty”, continued Wiertz. “Our industry has the technology to help improve this situation, and deliver a very real benefit for our society and the planet.”

“FILTREX™ Asia was an outstanding event, discussing new solutions to solve the problems of air and water pollution”, said Dr Joerg Sievert, Chair of the EDANA Filtration Committee. “Clean air and water are basic requirements of human health and well-being. Specifically in Asia, air and water pollution are of major concern, and have been addressed by local governments. The conference featured expert speakers who discussed these issues, identifying possible solutions to ensure a higher quality of life both here in Asia and across the globe.”

Designed uniquely for the nonwoven filter media industry, FILTREX™ Asia supports the expected market growth for filtration across Asia and the Indian subcontinent, bringing together technical specialists and business management.  The event provides a forum for filtration professionals to share information and new developments, and to meet and do business.

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