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EDANA Renewable workshop

EDANA hosts second Renewable Materials Workshop

Successful second edition identifies information on trends and recent and anticipated developments

EDANA’s workshop on the use of renewable raw materials in nonwovens and related products for its member companies. Held in Brussels on 28th October 2015, the workshop was attended by more than 40 experts and executives representing 33 EDANA member companies covering various steps of the nonwovens and related value chain, and reflected a high level of interest within the nonwovens and related industries.

This second edition confirmed key trends discussed during the previous edition in 2012, and identified recent and anticipated developments. Renewable raw materials in general and bioplastics in particular have experienced significant growth in volume, and a diversification of their feedstocks and applications. Bioplastics have matured in several major market applications, thanks in part to the good recognition of certification schemes among converters of polymers, supporting further growth in a wide variety of application areas.

Additionally, a new development highlighted during the workshop is that biopolymers are now being sold based on their performance first, with biodegradability and compostability being treated as additional advantages rather than as the main selling point.

Attendees heard that challenges remain with the use of renewable raw materials in nonwovens and related products, and major volumes will be unlocked only if the performance of renewable materials is effectively communicated to retailers and B2B customers. Additionally, there is still not a level playing field between energy and materials when it comes to policy support for access to feedstocks, with high levels of subsidies for the use of biomass for energy, whereas these funds could yield more value if feedstocks were first used in products.

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