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FILTREX™ India 2016 keeps its promise

Delivers on promise to be the leading discussion forum on global and local filtration market challenges

From challenges of mobility and air pollution control, to the opportunities and impact of new standards and regulations, FILTREX™ India offered a unique series of presentations that reflect the dynamism of the whole filtration supply chain from media to finished products, testing and manufacturing equipment.

With such a mix of topics addressing innovations, new products and markets, or specific requirements for India, these two days covered virtually all aspects of this industry and its growing importance to the sub-continent.

“What is most important is the fact that the cross-fertilisation and exchanges of ideas taking place here will accelerate the movement towards the implementation of product solutions from global markets to India and vice-versa. The challenges that filtration professionals have to meet are indeed usually both specific and universal. “said Pierre Wiertz, EDANA’s General Manager.

The number (over 180) and quality of participants (spanning the whole supply chain) in FILTREX™ India 2016 clearly indicate that the filtration industry of India stands at the threshold of a new age wherein adapting newer technologies, planning strategically and taking decisive steps for long term growth are critical for companies involved. The event witnessed a gathering of like-minded people who have the power to influence the industry, and this might well result into a number of new partnerships and alliances in future.

As Samir Gupta, Managing Director of BCH said in his welcome address “It is a great satisfaction to see a large number of filter makers from India, already present at the previous edition, returning this year after more than 4 years, during which India has seen a fast growing filtration market. Admittedly, though, the current level of response to the challenges of air pollution control, and car emission levels among others, cannot lead to complacency and requires further investments.”

He further added “India today is witnessing a series of revisions and reforms in its legislation pertaining to manufacturing and emissions. Interestingly, there is from the other side a great consumer awareness too that is pushing forward the filtration industry in the country. As an example the need for an ambient indoor air quality can be witnessed through the increasing sales of air purifiers, HVAC systems, cabin air filters in automobiles and many other such equipment.

The success of FILTREX™ India 2016 clearly reflected the good health of the industry, with even better times to come.”

Another important feature of all FILTREX™ events is the tabletop exhibition. With 17 exhibitors, this made the 2016 FILTREX™ India not only the highest level conference this year in India for nonwoven filter media, but also a unique promotional opportunity for all companies with particular interest in the filtration market.

Both conference participants and exhibitors expressed great satisfaction:
“This was really an excellent programme, which brought me valuable insights”
Santhosh Venkateshamurthy (Mann and Hummel India).

“I could hardly remember attending any other conference where all the presentations were meaningful like here. I am sure this information will definitely be useful to most players in the supply chain, etc. Very good job!”
Dr. Anjan K. Mukhopadhy - The Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA)

“Filtrex™ India provided an outstanding opportunity to learn the needs of the Indian market. Additionally, it provided an excellent opportunity to network and make connections”
Dr. Jayesh Doshi - eSpin Technologies

“It was a great show and maybe it could be held once every 2 years in India. I personally believe Filtration will become more important in India in the coming years”
Shailesh Agrawal - Fibervisions

“Excellent organization, Interesting seminar, good choice of topics & therefore visitors”
Martin Schmidt – Palas©

“It is very good platform to interact on new innovations”
Ramappa Ragha – Reliance Industries

“Absolutely that was a very good exhibition, with a great exchange of ideas on technology and other future programmes in the conference”
Adesh Sharma - Obeetee Textiles

In his concluding remarks, Marines, Lagemaat, Scientific and technical Director, EDANA, illustrated the complementary role of legislation and standards, and industry solutions to meet these; “For instance”, he said “the obligation for future truck engines to meet upcoming Bharat 6 standard (equivalent to EURO 6) requires smart and customised engineering solutions- In response to this, the final session of FILTREX™ India on Filter media developments was like a toolbox, it offered ideas and solutions that potentially can be applied in all categories, with contributions from across the supply chain.”

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