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EU requirements for Absorbent Hygiene Products

EDANA puts updated guidelines online following successful introductory webinar

EDANA, the leading global association serving the nonwovens and related industries has relaunched its “Safety and Regulatory Supply Chain Information for Absorbent Hygiene Products”, which has been updated with references to current regulatory information and related guidance documents.

The guide, which is available to the public on, has been made available following the webinar, hosted by the Association on Wednesday 30th November, which looked at the regulations and guidelines in the EU for placing absorbent hygiene products on the market. During the webinar, Paul McCormack from BASF and Joachim Harms from Johnson & Johnson shared their knowledge about the EU regulatory requirements for absorbent hygiene products with participants from around the globe.

The development of information resources and educational webinars is a priority for EDANA and one of the services it provides to its members and the broader nonwovens industry and supply chain, as they navigate a complex regulatory framework designed to protect the user and manufacturing environment, and ensure the safety and security for our society at large.

Both suppliers and manufacturers need to be familiar with the different EU rules to put products on the EU market. In addition to legal requirements, there are also voluntary practices such as guidelines and industry standards which play an important role in the hygiene industry.

"EDANA organised the webinar to share the knowledge and information about the rules and guidelines for hygiene products that we have gathered as part of our representation of our member companies over the years. We were pleased to have a mixed audience including national regulatory representatives, those new to the industry, longer-term nonwovens professionals and participants with a general interest in enhancing their understanding of hygiene products”, said Marianne Rosborg, Regulatory Affairs Manager in EDANA.

Should you wish to learn more about the EU rules and guidelines, the “Supply Chain Information for Absorbent Hygiene Products” guide can be found on

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