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Freudenberg FILTREX Award winners Alexander Oelsner and Uwe G. Haefner

Winner of the FILTREX Innovation Award 2017 Announced

Sector officially recognizes innovation in the filtration industry for the first time.

The first ever FILTREX Innovation Award was won by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. Votes were submitted confidentially by industry professionals attending FILTREX™ Europe, the leading nonwovens filter media conference and tabletop exhibition, being held in Geneva on the 5th and 6th April 2017 in conjunction with INDEX™17.

The FILTREX™ Innovation Award recognize the efforts of all manufacturers of nonwoven based filtration products/elements and celebrate their continuous efforts for excellence and innovation. The occasion marks the first time the sector has officially recognized innovation in the filtration industry.

The five nominees each presented a 10-minute showcase of their innovation during the FILTREX™ conference. Freudenberg were then announced as winners at an award ceremony at the Château des Bois, Geneva, where they received a specially commissioned trophy featuring an artist’s view of a filter media performance. It was noted at the event that the award carried significant merit as it was voted for exclusively by industry peers.

Freudenberg were honoured for their brand new micronAir® blue filter. The filter is a highly efficient four-layer particle filter that features a patented two layered filter media focusing on PM 10 and PM 2.5 particles as well as a combi-filter that protects against harmful gases and an anti-allergen filter layer. The new product, to be used principally in cars, eliminates almost 100% of occurring allergens and protects against microorganisms such as bacteria and fungal spores.

Alexander Oelsner (pictured above with Fredenberg colleague Uwe G. Haefner) stated "There is immense pride in this achievement. I hope this initiative will further innovation and collaboration across our industry. Together we can achieve so much"

Award nominees, in alphabetic order, were as follows:

  • Ahlstrom Tampere

Ahlstrom Statguard™: A filter media suitable for bag filters that reduce the explosion risk, because of added conductive properties.

  • Europlasma

Nanofics®: A high-tech finishing process which improves filter performance but reduces the consumption of energy and chemicals in manufacturing.

  • Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

microAir® blue: A cabin air filter consisting of four filter layers for total protection against air pollution, including allergens.

  • Johns Manville

A 3-layer hybrid filter media for the production of bag filters

  • Sandler

sawasscreen® enAIRsave®: A new pocket filter media with improved energy efficiency. 

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