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FILTREX 2010 - Cologne (Member)

  • Filtration
  • Conference Paper
The leading European nonwovens filter media conference and exhibition.  Contains 17 papers presented in Cologne (Germany) covering New Filter Media Technologies, Market Trends, Automotive Filtration, Air Filtration, Liquid Filtration and Emission Control.
1/10/2010 11:00:00 PM
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The 17 papers contained in this CD-ROM were presented during the FILTREX 2010 Conference, organised by EDANA in Cologne (Germany). Topics covered include: Improved Properties of Filter Media with a Bicomponent Spunbond Support Layer, Breaking the Link Between Filter Media Basis Weight and Performance, Filters from Polyester and Polypropylene Fibre Nonwovens, etc.


Table of Contents
Presentation Speakers 
1. Wetlaid Nonwoven Technology for Advanced Filters Iannis Lappas, Andritz Küsters
2. Increasing requirements for Synthetic Filter Media Andreas Seeberger, IREMA-Filter
3. Why are Industries so Excited with Nanofiber Technology Jongchul Park, Finetex EnE
4. Investigation of the Filtration Performance of on-line Laminated Meltblown Fibers/Membrane Peter P. Tsai, The University of Tennessee
5. The Challenge of Emissions: Formaldehyde-free Technology in Filtration Applications Christophe Imbert, Lubrizol Advanced Materials
6. An Overview of Full Digital Motion Controlled CNC Blade Pleating Equipment in the Filer Manufacturing Environment Jannis Christakos, JCEM
7. Development of Filter Performance in Cabin Air Filtration Heinz Reinhardt, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies
8. Loaded Adsorption - A Solution for Purgeable, Volatile Components and Odours in Automotive Interiors? Florian Diederich, TAG Composites & Carpets
9. New Coalescence Media for Reliable Water Removal from High Surfactancy Diesel Fuels Ahlstrom
10. Improved Properties of Filter Media with a Bicomponent Spunbond Support Layer Annemarieke Maltha, Colbond
11. Breaking the Link Between Filter Media Basis Weight and Performance Douglas M. Guimond, Hollingsworth & Vose
12. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters from Polyester and Polypropylene Fibre Nonwovens Lydia Boguslavsky, CSIR
13. Long-term Stability of Filter Media - Textile Materials Set Standards Ulrich Hornfeck, Sandler
14. New Spunbond air filter Media Composite with "Soft" Gradient Layer Structure made by a Special Bonding Technology Werner Groh, Johns Manville Europe
15. Methods of Articial Ageing of Filter Media - Benefits and Limitations Günter Gasparin, Evonik Fibres
16. Reliable Measurement of Fractional Efficiency According to EN779/ASHRAE52.2 Martin Schmidt, Palas
17. Filter Efficiency Tests in Real Time with Aerosol Spectrometer Friedhelm Schneider, Grimm Aerosol Technik

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