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FILTREX Asia 2010 - New Delhi (Member)

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The leading nonwovens filter media conference and exhibition.  Contains 21 papers presented in New Delhi (India) covering new filter media technologies, market trends, automotive filtration, air filtration, liquid filtration, gas filtration, water treatment,...


5/9/2010 10:00:00 PM
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The 21 papers contained in this CD-ROM were presented during the FILTREX ASIA 2010 conference organised by BCH and EDANA. Topics include: new filter media technologies, market trends, automotive filtration, air filtration, liquid filtration, gas filtration, water treatment,...Summary

Table of Contents
Presentation Speakers 
1. Indian Filtration Industry - A market Perspective Samir Gupta and Ritika Gupta – Business Co-ordination House
2. Technical Textiles for Solid-Liquid Separation Guido Rausse – Fugafil
3. Solving the Filtration Challenges for Indian Diesel Fuel Mathieu Petiteaux – SOGEFI Filter Division Company
4. Advanced Technology for Evaluation of Oil Filters Saves Development Time Krishna Gupta – Porous Materials Inc.
5. Nanocrystalline Metal Oxides for Environmental Applications Basappa Nagappa - Karnataka State Pollution Board
6. Developing trends in Air Filtration for Turbomachinery Ashok Pandey - Freudenberg Filtration Technologies
7. New Spunbond Air Filter Media Composite with "Soft" Gradient Layer Structure Made by a Special Bonding Technology Christian Hassmann – John Manville Sales
8. High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters from Polyester & Polypropylene Fibre Nonwovens Lydia Boguslavsky – CSIR
9. Standards in HVAC and Clean Room Air Filtration Applications André Boni - Hollingsworth & Vose Europe
10. Reliable & Fast Measurement of the Fractional Efficiency with a Modular Test Ring Sven Schuetz - Palas
11. Pore Size Distribution of Nonwoven Structures Amit Rawal - Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
12. Simulation of filter Elements - More than Modelling Porous Media at Different Scales Umesh Kuppuraj – Mann & Hummel
13. Asian Market Perspective Status of Filtration Market in China Wang Yanxi - Chairman of CFS and CNTA, Vice Chairman of ANFA
14. Wetlaid Nonwoven Technology for Advanced Filters Ioannis Lappas - Andritz Küsters
15. Monolithic Meltblown Process and Applications Edward McNally – Oerlikon Neumag
16. Nano SpiderTM a unique way to Produce Industrial Scale Nanofibres for Filtration Cagri Tekmen – Elmarco
17. Improved Filter Efficieny through Integrated Nanofibres Wolfgang Rupertseder – IREMA
18. Assembly of Magnetic Nanofibrous Nonwoven Materials Arun Venugopal - University of Leeds
19. Melt Sub-Micron Fibre Technology Srinivas K. Mirle - Procter & Gamble
20. Filter Felts, a Key Component of Bag Houses Technical & Economical Aspect of Material Selection Georg Rathwallner - Evonik Fibres
21. Environmentally Friendly Filtration Binders Sanjay Kalhan - Lubrizol Advanced Materials

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