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FILTREX Asia 2011 - New Delhi (Non-Member)

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The leading Asian nonwovens filter media conference and exhibition. Contain 22 papers  presented in New Delhi (India) covering  new filter media technologies, market trends, air filtration, liquid filtration, gas filtration, testing and measurements...
2/19/2012 11:00:00 PM
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This CD-Rom contains 22 papers presented in New Delhi (India) during FILTREX Asia 2011 covering new filter media technologies, market trends, air filtration, liquid filtration, gas filtration, testing and measurements...


Table of Contents

Ritika Gupta, Executive Director, Business Co-ordination House, BCH (India)
Indian Filtration Industry - A Market Perspective 2011

Annemarieke Maltha, Product Manager Filtration, Colbond (The Netherlands)
A Special Bicomponent Spunbond Nonwoven as Support Layer for Efficient Filter Media

Andreas Seeberger, Vice President, IREMA (Germany)
Synthetic Filter Media with High Mechanical Efficiency

Edward Mc Nally, Sales Director Nonwovens, Oerlikon Neumag (Germany)
Spunmelt Apparatus Design and its Impact on Precursor Web Filtration Characteristics

Detlef Frey, Head of R&D, REIFENHAUSER Reicofil (Germany)
Melt Blown Filter Development – Opportunities to Create Improved Products

Roberto Garcia, Sales Manager Filtration, TEFISA (Spain)
Hybrid Air Filter Media

Dave Hill, Business Development Manager, Technical Absorbents - part of the Bluestar Fibres Company Ltd (United Kingdom)
Super Absorbent Fibre – A Key Technology for Advanced Filter Media Development

Dan Hennessy, Product Development Manager, Ahlstrom (India)
Hot Oil Durability of Phenolic Filter Media

Swarna Bansal, PhD Student, Institut für Textil und Verfahrenstechnik (ITV) Denkendorf (Germany)
Nano Modified Sandwich Filter for Breakdown of Secondary Oil-in-Water Emulsion

Raman Venkatesh, Senior VP – Technology & Corporate Development, Eureka Forbes Limited (India)
Drinking Water & Nonwovens – A Bond Built to Last!

Bob Murphey, Vice President of Product Marketing, Engine & Industrial Filtration Business Unit, Hollingsworth & Vose (India)
General Overview of Engine Filtration Market

B. S. Rao, Country Director, Mecaplast (India)
Development of Filter Element in Air Intake for Automotive Industry

Ulrich Hornfeck, Vice President of Sales, SANDLER (Germany)
Optimising Life Cycle Costs with New Synthetic Pocket Filter Media

Neil Dugdale, Technical Director, Andrew Industries (United Kingdom)
20 Years of Experience in Needlefelts: A Review and the Future

Juergen Becker, Market Manager Automotive, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (Germany)
Energy Efficiency in Air Ventilation

Rajendra Yadav, Simulation Engineer, Gulmohar Group (India)
Case Studies: Use of High Temp Filter Media for Hot Gas Filtration

Yatindra Nadkarni, Director, Maxim Associates (India)
Industrial Air Pollution Control Norms

Ashish Bhaiya, Manager Business Development, Evonik Fibres (Germany)
Value And Limits of Accelerated Ageing Tests of Filter Media

Amit Rawal, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (India)
Pore Size Distribution of Hybrid Nonwoven Filter Media

Krishna Gupta, President & CEO, Porous Materials Inc. (United States)
Advanced Techniques for Characterization of Ultrafiltration Membranes

Sven Schütz, Sales & Applications Engineer, PALAS (Germany)
Modular Filter Test Systems for Quality Assurance and Development of Filter Media

Parikshit Goswami, Research Fellow, Centre for Technical Textiles,School of Design - University of Leeds (United Kingdom)
Hybrid Nanofibre Nonwovens from Chitosan/Cellulose Acetate for Heavy Metal Sorption in Liquid Filtration

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