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International Nonwovens Symposium 2013 - Saint Petersburg (Non-Member)

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Aimed at the nonwovens industry in general. Contains 23 high-level and diverse presentations covering macro and microeconomic outlook, hygiene, personal care and medical markets, industrial, Technical and Automotive nonwovens, innovation and regulation, emerging trends in machinery and raw materials...
7/15/2013 10:00:00 PM
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Those presentations under electronic format contain 23 papers, presented in St Petersburg (Russia). Topics covered include: macro and microeconomic outlook, hygiene, personal care and medical markets, industrial, Technical and Automotive nonwovens, innovation and regulation, emerging trends in machinery and raw materials...

Table of Contents

Vladimir Shavkin ( in association with Valery Koryagin), Chairman of the Board, ASINEM; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Research Institute of nonwoven materials (Russia)
Raw Materials Supply, a Critical Factor for Innovation and Growth in Nonwovens

Dmitri Shastin, Chief specialist, Product Management Polypropylene, Base Polymer Division, SIBUR (Russia)
Polypropylene in the Russian Federation Market of Nonwoven Materials

Jacques Prigneaux, Market Analysis and Economic Affairs Director, EDANA (Belgium)
The Status of Nonwoven Production in Russia and the Former Soviet Union

Alexander Markov, General Manager, Regent Nonwoven Materials (Russia)
Evolution of the Russian Market for Spunbond Nonwovens: Research, Trends, and Prospect Directions of Development

Mathieu Mottrie, CEO, CREAX (Belgium)
Game Changing Technologies in Nonwovens

Alexey Premudrov, Head of Marketing Direction, SIBUR (Russia)
Positioning of Geotextiles on the Russian Market

Gabit Muhamedjanov, Chief of Laboratory and Head of the accredited Test Laboratory, Expert on textile products certification, Research Institute of Nonwoven Materials (Russia)
Current Status and Prospects of Production of Nonwoven Geosynthetic Materials in Russia and the Countries of the Customs Union

Elvira Bondareva, Associate Professor Automotive Roads, Saint Petersburg Architectural and Construction University (Russia)
Directions of Application of Nonwoven Geosynthetic Materials in Road Construction

Dmitry Koulikov, General Manager, Sonax Trade (Russia)
The Russian Hygiene Disposable Market - Promises and Concerns

Stephan Reil, Marketing Manager Nonwovens, Pulcra Chemicals (Germany)
Modern Spin Finishes for Hygiene Applications and their Complex Requirements

Pierre Croutelle, Sales Manager Nonwovens & Textiles, Spoolex (France)
Optimizing the Complete Spooling Process

Jan Seetz, Technical Development Manager Chelates, Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals (The Netherlands)
New Environmental Benign Chelating Agent: GLDA

Stefan Eller, EIMEA Technical Service Manager, H.B. Fuller (Germany)
Thinner Diapers - the Inter-Dependency of Core Design and Adhesive

Lyudmila Serazhutdinova, Laboratory Chief- Accredited testing laboratory, «Test-St.Petersburg» (Russia)
Testing of Absorbent Hygiene Products in Russia

Sergey Vanin, General Manager, APCoHM (Russia)
Existing and Potential Regulation and Legislation Impacting Absorbent Hygiene Products in Russia and the Customs Union

Virginia Selivanova, Marketing Director, Cotton Club (Russia)
Trends and Developments for Wet Wipes in Russia

Dar’ya Kovtun, Marketing Director Hygiene Division, Biosphere Corporation (Ukraine)
Evolution of wet wipes and prospects in Ukraine

Anil Kirhalli, Director of Sales & Development, Kansan Machinery Co. (Turkey)
The Evolution of the Russian Wet Wipes Industry from a Product and Production Perspective

Sergey Malnev, Business Development Manager, TWE Group Moscow (Russia)
Dominik Roster, Sales & Business Development Manager, TWE Vliesstoffwerke (Germany)
Nonwoven Materials for the Automotive Industry of Russia

Martina Fritz, Sales and Marketing Manager Automotive Interior Europe, Freudenberg Nonwovens (Germany)
Nonwovens in Automotive Carpets

Sergey Yakimov, Researcher, Tion Co. (Russia)
The Application of Nonwoven Polypropylene Material to High Efficiency Filtration of Charged Aerosol Particles of Submicron Size from Air

Laura Frazier, Director, SNS Nano Fiber Technology (USA)
Novel Nanofiber Nonwoven Wound Dressings

Alexander Ruchkin, President, Association “Zdravmedteh” (Russia)
An Overview of the Surgical Gowns and Drapes Market in Russia

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