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Nonwovens Research Academy 2008 - Chemnitz (Member - Company)

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The NRA provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and research results and encourages the development of technical understanding and knowledge. 16 papers were presented in Chemnitz (Germany). Topics include characterization and modeling, nanomaterials, structure/ property/ relation, processing and application...
1/8/2008 11:00:00 PM
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contains the 16 papers presented at EDANA's third edition of the Nonwovens Research Academy that took place in Chemnitz (Germany) from 9th-10th October 2008. Academy topics include Characterisation/Modelling, Nanomaterials, Structure/Property/Relation, Processing and Application.


Table of Contents
Presentation Speakers 
1. Development of thin nonwovens for thermal insulation of building, associated with innovative laboratory characterisation tools Chokri Cherif
2. Structural study of pore size distribution of nonwovens Amit Rawal
3. Modelling ans simulation of nonwoven processes Dietmar Hietel
4. Measurement of nonwoven web uniformity using image analysis: Comparison between existing methods and sensory evaluation panels Walid Jerby
5. Sol-gel-based nanoparticulate finishing for functionalisation of nonwovens Elke Schmalz
6. Theory of electrospinning from free liquid surfaces David Lukas
7. The INTELTEX Project: Application of carbon nanotubes in polymers for sensing fibres Luca Mezzo
8. Smart and multifunctional nonwoven textiles Christine Campagne - Izabella Krucinska
9. Tuning mechanical performance of bicomponent filament nonwovens by core-sheath ratio Jaap Frijlink
10. Influence of fabric structure on the dynamic dirt removal capacity of hydroentangled wipes Ningtao Mao
11. Nonwoven with shape memory effect Pierre Bouvier
12. Influence of nonwoven flow media structure on resin impregnation in fibre reinforced composite formation Sabine Käse
13. Nonwovens for medical application Annahit Arshi
14. Nonwovens for implantation Martin Dauner
15. Nonwoven bonding process using water steam jets Ulrich Steinbach
16. Fundamental investigations into the manufacturing of very lightweight needlepunched nonwovens between 30 and 70g/m² Johann Philipp Dilo

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