Statistics and Business intelligence

EDANA’s Annual Nonwovens Statistics report is the only source of accurate data for Greater Europe. Based on both members’ returns and estimates for other producers, this report provides a comprehensive view of the European nonwovens industry including raw material consumption, the production and sales by technologies, sales by segments, in both tonnes and sqm.  It is a free publication for all EDANA members.

Statistics for specific sectors are also collected for different Working Groups. This is the case for bituminous membranes, filtration, hygiene film, hygiene nonwovens, SAP and medical.

All statistics compiled by EDANA are disclosed according to strict confidentiality rules and in compliance with applicable competition rules.


EDANA monitors:

  • macroeconomic trends
  • the evolution of polymers and fibres prices 
  • single use markets 
  • the construction sectors 
  • the automotive industry 
  • nonwovens trade flows 
  • the development of the nonwovens industry worldwide


Analyses are available to members for free on the EDANA statistics app.

In cooperation with INDA, EDANA publishes the Worldwide Outlook for the Nonwovens Industry, a report providing forecasts by regions, by web forming processes and by applications.

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