Cookie policy

General info


A cookie is a small piece of data stored in your web browser while you are browsing our website. When you browse our website again in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved to notify us of your previous activity. Our cookies don't store personal information such as your name or your address. We use cookies to enhance the functionality of the website by storing your preferences, for example. We also use cookies to improve the performance of our website in order to provide you with a better user experience.

MANAGE: If you wish to control which cookies are set on your device throughout the website, then you can find out how to do this in ‘manage cookies manually’.

MORE INFO: For further information about cookies and how to manage them visit


Which cookies do we use?

sf-siteIn multisite environment, remembers the ID of the current site.2 years
ASP.NET_SessionIdContains information about the browser session and enables visitors to log into the website.Session
shoppingCartIdHolds the ID of the customer's shopping cart.6 months
selectedDisplayCurrencyHolds the ID of the customer's shopping cart.Session
cartOrderIdUsed to cache current cart order ID. 
Extra custom cookie  
newyearshownRemembers if the ‘happy new year’ message has been shown to the user.60 days
accessContains information to authenticate future requests after logging in for event registration.7 days
currentUserContains user specific information to optimize user experience after logging in for event registration.7 days
AcceptedCookiesRemembers if cookies has been accepted by the user.1 year


Analytics: We use Google Analytics, which creates a number of first-party cookies, to distinguish unique users:
gtag.js and analytics.js set the following cookies:

  • __ga: used to distinguish users. Expiration time: 2 years.
  • __gid: used to distinguish users. Expiration time: 24 hours.
  • __gat: used to throttle request rate. Expiration time: 1 minute.


We don't believe that our use of Google Analytics is privacy-intrusive. We use the data that is collected in the following ways:

  • To report, in aggregate, how our visitors find and use our website;
  • To understand overall visitor behaviour;
  • To inform how we update and improve our website.

We do allow Google to use this data to collate and aggregate benchmarking data, which they provide to us, about similar websites in our industry.  To do this Google further anonymises the analytics data by removing all identifiable information about our website, and combines the data with hundreds of other anonymous sites in comparable industries.

We do not share our analytics data with any other third parties.

To opt out of our use of Google Analytics you may wish to consider using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.


Manage cookies Manually


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Mozilla Firefox:



Which cookies do we use?

In addition to our first-party cookies, you may be served one or more of the following third-party cookies during your visit to our website. You will only be served these cookies if you have indicated that you consent to our use of cookies.

Third party cookies are cookies created by an external service when you use a page on our website. These cookies are specific to the third-party's domain and accordingly the data held in them can be seen and managed by the third party and not by us. We control whether or not we use the third-party service with our website, and how it is integrated and presented on our website. We do not have control over the cookies themselves.

  • We may use Google Maps on the Homepage and Members page to provide detailed information on how to locate our members. We use Google's interactive maps because we believe they provide a helpful way for our visitors to be informed on the geographical coverage of our members. We use the Google Maps tools on the basis that Google adheres to its privacy policy which can be found at and its terms of service for Google Maps
  • We may use YouTube to host video content.  When you view a web page on our site with an embedded YouTube video, YouTube creates the following cookies: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, use_hitbox, PREF and YSC.


PREFThis cookie stores your preferences and other information, in particular preferred language, how many search results you wish to be shown on your page, and whether or not you wish to have Google’s SafeSearch filter turned on.10 years from set/ update
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEA cookie that YouTube sets that measures your bandwidth to determine whether you get the new player interface or the old.8 months from set/update
use_hitboxThe use_hitbox cookie increments the ‘views’ counter on the YouTube videoSession
YSCThis cookie is set by the YouTube video service on pages with embedded YouTube videoSession


We use the YouTube service as a convenience for our visitors, and we use it on the basis that Google adheres to its privacy policy - see for more information.

  • YouTube video: We may periodically use the YouTube service to host video content, and embed YouTube's player in our web pages to allow you to watch the video without leaving our website.  We have no direct control over YouTube's use of the data stored in this object. For more information, please read YouTube's privacy policy at