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A new event that provides valuable insights and solutions for a more sustainable nonwovens industry 

EDANA is happy to launch the first EDANA Sustainability Forum, which is an evolution of our previous Circular Nonwovens Forum. It will cover all relevant sustainability topics for the nonwoven industry: natural raw materials, consumer expectations, circularity, bioeconomy, etc.

The first two days of the conference includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, round tables and Q&A sessions. It is the opportunity to learn, share and network on sustainability. The Forum aims to overcome challenges and collectively find opportunities to accelerate the industry’s net-positive impact.
The third day starts with a breakfast event in the European Parliament, followed by a visit of this institution.

Opportunity to network with your peers will be offered throughout the Forum, including a Gala Dinner on the first day.

Who will be speaking?

The Edana Sustainability Forum is hosting different stakeholders, such as NGOs, companies across all sectors, and throughout the value chains, European regulators and legislators, providing their perspectives and research for a net-positive impact. You will also find Motivational speakers, that will push the momentum and initiate the conversation on the sustainability challenges and opportunities that we face as an industry. 

Who will be attending?

Professionals in nonwoven-related industries, with a focus or interest in sustainability. General Managers, Chief Engineers,  Research Leads, Senior Managers, Department Managers, Deputy Managers, Supervisors, Senior Engineers, Senior Specialists from:

  • Sustainability & Environment Management Leaders
  • Brands & Product Owners of nonwoven-based products
  • R&D Representatives
  • Packaging Producers
  • Retailers & Distributors
  • Health & Environment Related NGOs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Managers
  • Raw Materials Producing Companies
Day 1
28 November 2023
09.30 - 17.00
09.30 – 12.30
Stakeholder views on an industry accelerating towards sustainability

Learn from different views on how to accelerate an industry’s transition towards sustainability. Integrating stakeholder views is an essential part of defining sustainability for an industry. Which expectations match the current industry developments and where are these diverging? Join this first session to get inspired and debate on our round table about the future sustainability developments with NGOs, regulators, sustainability thinkers, and other relevant stakeholders.

13:30 – 17:00
Fit for a circular Economy: Reduce, reuse, recycle, and zero pollution

In this session, we will explore the current state of the market and the increasing demand for recycled plastic. We will discuss the challenges of single-use plastics and the potential for a circular economy that emphasizes reusing and recycling materials. Additionally, we will delve into the ambitious goals set by governments and organizations, such as reaching a fully circular economy by 2050, and what steps can be taken to achieve these bold ambitions. This session promises to provide valuable insights and solutions for a more sustainable future.

Day 2
29 November 2023
09.30 - 17.00
09.30 - 11.30
How to measure our sustainability performance

In this session, we will explore the various tools available to measure and assess the sustainability of nonwoven materials and products. We will focus on the proper use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a valuable tool in understanding the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle. and organizations. Finally, we will examine the potential of Carbon Footprint measurements in improving the sustainability impact of nonwoven products and processes. This session will provide practical knowledge and best practices for companies and individuals looking to improve the sustainability of their nonwoven products.

11.30 - 13.30
Current and future developments in the nonwoven materials: Bioeconomy

This session focuses on the use of natural fibres in the nonwoven industry. We will delve into the exciting topic of biobased plastics and their potential as the future of plastics. We will explore how a mass balance approach can be incorporated into the value chain to ensure a more sustainable future. Additionally, we will discuss the latest updates in biodegradability, including new materials, standards, and legislation.

14.30 - 17.00
Building trust : clear communication and Transparency

Sustainability needs to be communicated in an open, veritable, and understandable way. In this session, we will explore how an industry can connect to its consumers to highlight its sustainability contribution? Are sustainability claims and certification useful tools? What are the updates from the EU legislation related to green communication? We will set the spotlight on the consumer perspective, showcasing first-hand learnings.

Day 3
30 November 2023
09.30 - 13.00
09.30 - 13.00
Breakfast in the European Parliament & visit

To finalize this event, we organize a visit to the European institutions, where the discussions about the current legislation of the EU and the futureof the Sustainability policies are discussed. The attendees will have the opportunity to hear the latest developments in the EU legislation related to Sustainability. To conclude the conference, there will be an open forum to discuss the learnings from the last days and align with the challenges and opportunities of the nonwoven industry.

Practical info


Delegate fees: Fees include entrance to the conference, lunches, coffee breaks, 1 evening cocktail, and a networking drink, as well as the conference presentations in digital format. Fees exclude 21% Belgian VAT.

Recordings: Delegates not able to attend the conference in person may purchase an access to the recordings of the presentations. Access will be granted 1 week after the event. Fees exclude 21% Belgian VAT.

EDANA MembersNon-members
Delegate fees: 1.200€Delegate fees: 1.600€
Recordings access: 350€Recordings access: 500€

Discount: Benefit from a 10% discount by registering a minimum of 3 delegates. Registrations must be done simultaneously to benefit from the discount. Discount do not apply to recording access. 


Sponsorship opportunity - Support the official Gala Dinner

Should you be interested in becoming an official sponsor of the first EDANA Sustainability Forum, contact delphine.rens@edana.org

EDANA offers two opportunities:

  • Gala Dinner sponsorship = Gold Sponsor
  • Networking evening sponsorship = Silver Sponsor

Check our sponsorship brochure for details and price


Conference venue & Hotels

The Forum takes place at the Solvay Library, located in the center of Brussels in the Parc Leopold. Please note there is no parking available. A car can drop you in front of the entrance, but the best is to reach the venue through a short walk from one of the entrances of the Parc. 

To facilitate your stay we have secured rooms in 3 hotels nearby the Solvay Library. We strongly recommend you book your room as soon as possible, since they will be released closer to the date. Then it will be subject to availabilities. Click here for hotels presentation and booking links

Previous edition

The 2022 edition marks the last edition of the Circular Nonwovens Forum, since it has now evolved to become the EDANA Sustainability Forum, a 3-day events which will cover all relevant sustainability topics for the nonwovens industry.

Find below the programme and the company list of the 2022 edition

2022 Programme

2022 Company list

All pictures of the Circular Nonwovens Forum 2022 can be found here


Historically, the Circular Nonwovens Forum created a platform for an in-depth engagement with stakeholders on challenges and opportunities in the pursuit of a sustainable future with nonwovens

NGOs, companies across all sectors and throughout the value chains, European regulators and legislators alike strive for a shift towards a sustainable economy. The Circular Nonwovens Forum was dedicated to addressing challenges and collectively finding opportunities in order to accelerate this transition.