INDEX™ Innovation Awards 

Winning an INDEX™ Award is the highest accolade that can be given to a company for achievement in the nonwovens and related industries. Award winners gain from improved standing within the nonwovens business community, as well as significant public relations advantages.  

INDEX™ Awards are only presented once every three years during the INDEX exhibition.

INDEX™20 takes place at Geneva Palexpo, Switzerland, from 31 March to 3 April 2020.

“Winning an INDEX™ Award brought increased opportunities, and a greater prestige for my business” 

What are the categories? 

  1. Nonwoven roll goods
  2. Finished products made from, or incorporating nonwovens
  3. Raw materials or components - innovation in a raw material or component (e.g. polymer, fibre, binder, film, tape) of special relevance to the nonwovens and related converted products industry
  4. Innovation in machinery of special relevance to the nonwovens industry
  5. Achievement for the most original marketing campaign for a product made from, or incorporating nonwovens
  6. Sustainable product
  7. Sustainable process or management practice

What are the criteria

For categories 1 to 6:

Products must be commercially available by the 31st January 2020 and must not have been commercially launched before April 2017.

A company may submit no more than one product per category. However, a single product may be submitted in more than one category, but it cannot win in more than one category.

Product improvement, process innovation or consumer benefits must be substantiated. In category n° 6, this would include a significant, positive impact on the social and/or economic and/or environmental profile of said product.


For category 7:

Advantages in the area of reduced environmental impact, improved societal benefits or/and economic sustainability should be clearly described

A life cycle assessment and/or quantitative data should demonstrate these advantages (either locally or for society as a whole)

The submitted process or practise should be well embedded in the business strategy


Who can apply? 

Any company who is a member of EDANA and/or exhibiting at INDEX™ 20 is eligible to enter the competition.

What is the procedure? 

  1. Submit your applications by 20th December 2019, with samples and details where applicable.
  2. EDANA will send you a written acknowledgement of your application as soon as it is received, together with the entry number.
  3. All applications will be treated with full confidentiality.
  4. You will be informed of the judges’ decision by 3rd February 2020 if nominated or not.
  5. If nominated, you will be asked to provide a sample or/and additional information for the display area on the exhibition floor.
  6. The Awards Ceremony will take place during INDEX™ 20 at 10.00 on Tuesday 31st March 2020 on the EDANA stand.

How to submit your application 

  • Describe the product you are entering in this category, with supporting information and data (where relevant).
  • What are the innovation/improvement/creative ideas offered by your product?
  • Please provide additional information to back up your application.
  • Where applicable, please send three samples, or three sets of details of your products with this application form.
  • If the product is a roll good, the samples can be A4 size. Photographs and videos could also help the judges, and may be submitted.

Send the application form either by email to Giovanna Merola and/or by post to Pierre Wiertz, General Manager, EDANA, Avenue Herrmann Debroux, 46 – 1160 Brussels, in an envelope marked “CONFIDENTIAL – INDEX™ 20 AWARDS”.

For any questions please contact
Giovanna Merola


The panel of judges is made up of independent experts with technical, converting and marketing experience, and a member of the nonwovens press. The judges are looking for creative ideas, new technology and innovative products.

They may decide to reclassify your entry in your best interest depending on how they judge your entry against the most relevant category. 

Index jury

The INDEX™20 awards ceremony 

The winners chosen from among the qualifying entries will be presented with their Awards at a special ceremony.

This ceremony will take place on 31st March 2020, the first day of the INDEX™ 20 exhibition, at 10.00 at the EDANA stand. It will include a highly publicised launch with media coverage.


Exposure during INDEX™20  "NEW"

The Innovation Lab , a dedicated area on the exhibition floor,  will have an area where the 3 nominees, including the winner, of each category, will be displayed throughout the 4 days of the Exhibition.

The intention is to showcase to visitors to the event just how innovation and sustainability drive the nonwovens industry forward. Increased exposure and enhanced visibility for your product or service and company, will ensure all applicants extract maximum value from their submissions.

Awards lab

Press coverage

All qualifying entries will be publicised in a special press release three weeks before INDEX™20.

The award

The winners will receive a specially commissioned bronze sculpture and a diploma. The sculpture symbolises the versatility and features of nonwovens made by Olivier Strebelle, the renowned Belgian sculptor, 1927- 2018, whose sculptures are displayed in major cities across Europe, the United States and Asia.



Submit your applications by 20th  December 2019, with samples and details where applicable. 

You will be informed of the judges’ decision by 3rd February 2020 if nominated or not.

All qualifying entries will be publicised in a special press release three weeks before INDEX™ 20.

The Awards Ceremony will take place during INDEX™ 20 at 10.00 on Tuesday 31st March 2020 on the EDANA stand. 

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2017 winners

Berry Plastics, Glatfelter, Magic, GDM, Hassan Group and Suominen Corporation