INDEX™ Innovation Lab - experience

Live the INDEX™ experience at the INDEX™ Innovation Lab. This special space is aimed at all visitors, from students to CEOs, and includes:

  • Exhibits demonstrating the remarkable properties of nonwovens across a range of applications
  • Poster presentations on current research in nonwovens
  • Seminar dedicated to nonwovens and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Seminars on what nonwovens can bring to the medical, automotive, geotextile, technical textiles and filtration sectors
  • Displays of the products and services of the nominees of the INDEX™20 Innovation Awards
  • Nonwovens tutorials 
  • Testing machines for nonwovens

The goal of the Lab is to provide a dedicated space within INDEX™20 to showcase innovation and R&D, enable the discovery of nonwovens applications and enhance the understanding of their potential. 


The different activities taking place in the Lab