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Discover the latest research and innovation in the nonwovens sector at the Nonwovens Innovation Academy (NIA)

The NIA is a 2-day event bringing together academics, students, scientists, engineers and industry experts. The aim is to encourage the sharing of knowledge, research and developments that will support the innovation and growth in the nonwovens and related industries.

Many activities are offered throughout the conference to provide the best breeding ground for innovation, innovation roundtables, a guided tour of the hosting institute facilities, a tabletop exhibitions dedicated to the presentation of Centers of Excellence and a posters area designed by R&D students showcasing academic projects. 

The organisation rotates between nonwovens centres of excellence, with an initial focus on Europe, and particular emphasis on the host’s area of expertise and current research projects. Any research or academic institute or university department interested, is invited to join this network.

“A very interesting conference covering both fundamental research and the applicability in several applications with a strong focus on sustainability. Also very interesting for building networks between the industry and different academic parties.”
Davy Goossens, Market and Product Development Manager, Beaulieu Fibres International


“The EDANA NIA was a great experience for me. Since I have only just joined the nonwovens community, it was a great opportunity to learn about the different technologies and applications. With its familiar setting, EDANA makes networking with other nonwovens experts really easy.”
Julia Kronawitt, Advanced Scientist, Hollingsworth & Vose


Many activities are proposed throughout the conference to provide the best breeding ground for innovation: 

Innovation roundtables 

Get inspired by industry’s leading experts and innovate together around a table with a coffee! 
Discover the 2019 guest speakers and their topic for discussion here

The roundtables are a powerful way of communicating, triggering interesting exchanges and learning about innovation, its opportunities and challenges. Six tables, each of them animated by a respected industry professional who will share during maximum 5 minutes their views, learnings, best practices, insights on one idea,challenge or opportunity pertaining to an innovative product, service or process their company deals with. Another 10 minutes is then devoted to questions or sharing of the participants around the table.


Guided Tour of research laboratories and center of excellence

The Nonwovens Innovation Academy is also the occasion for participants to join a guided tour of the hosting institute.


Centres of Excellence exhibition

As participant, you will be able to enjoy a tabletop area where you can interact with representatives from different European  Centres of Excellence.


Posters session by young researchers

The nonwovens posters session hold during the Nonwovens Innovation Academy allow young researchers and scientists to present their research to experts from the nonwovens industry.
For more information Student grants & Research Posters


Student grants

EDANA actively supports students that are looking to do a career in the nonwovens and related industries by providing different platforms to present their work and research to the industry. In the frame of the Nonwovens Innovation Academy, EDANA provides R&D Student grants. It covers the registration fee to the conference, two hotel nights, and agreed travel expenses.
For more information Student grants & Research Posters

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2019 Nonwovens Innovation Academy - Over 100 pioneers gather for innovation incubator

The Nonwovens Innovation Academy 2019 (NIA), held at the DITF (Deutsche Institut für Textil and Faserforschung) in Denkendorf on 16th - 17th October, demonstrated once again that the nonwovens and related industries harbours a talented and thriving research community.

Over 100 R&D and innovation managers, product developers, researchers and students from Europe to the Middle East, India and North America gathered for an intense conference programme and networking. Read more

Students and researchers participation in the research poster area

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