The EDANA Stewardship Programme on Absorbent Hygiene Products Charter and its signatories

Absorbent hygiene products (AHP) help millions of Europeans, from early childhood to old age, live active and healthy lives. These products comply with all relevant EU legislation relating to chemicals and product safety.  

Although the trace levels found in AHPs are well below all regulatory limits and don’t pose any health risks, as an industry we have undertaken the responsibility to create and use harmonised consumer relevant testing methodologies on the amount of trace substances that may be found in AHP. We also take the responsibility to use science-based transparent communication to keep the public informed.  

In order to reinforce trust in our products with consumers, the Stewardship Programme allows every participant to voluntarily go beyond current EU and national legislation. It creates an industry-wide list of substances of interest (such as PAHs, PCBs, dioxins, furans, phthalates and formaldehyde) and guidance values that adhering companies will commit to not exceed using harmonised consumer relevant test methods.

The EDANA Absorbent Hygiene Product Industry Charter is the formal signatory document for the EDANA™ Stewardship Programme. Signatories commit to:

  • not exceeding the guidance values for trace impurities; 
  • using the agreed harmonised test method(s) to self-assess the presence of impurities;
  • reinforcing transparency by publishing the product composition to enable consumers to make informed choices;
  • engaging in communication activities across the EU to further enhance consumer understanding of trace level impurities.

This EDANA™ Stewardship Programme is a voluntary initiative that is open to any company manufacturing and/or placing absorbent hygiene products on the European Market, regardless of whether these companies are members of EDANA.

The signatories of the EDANA Stewardship Programme produce more than 80% of the baby diapers placed on the European market.


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