Centres of excellence in nonwovens

The nonwovens industry counts numerous Centres of Excellence in nonwovens contributing greatly to the research and innovation in the industry through their different capabilities, focus areas, technologies and services offered. 


Capabilities of Centre of Excellences 

Fundamental research 

Technological and process developments

Application developments 

Computational Modelling 


Materials for renewable resources

Smart materials 

High performance materials and lightweight structures 

Functional materials (dyeing, coating, printing, plasma treatment, etc.)


3D and additive manufacturing

In focus areas such as ; Polymers (as a raw material), Man-made cellulosic fibres, Natural fibres, Synthetic fibres (PP, PE, PET),  Paper/cellulose  ,Nanomaterials With the following technologies; Short Fibre Airlaid, Carding, Long Fibre Airlaid, Wetlaid,  Spunmelt, Nano Spinning Technologies.
Services offered include: Project Management/Development work, Nonwovens Pilot Facilities, Nonwovens Lab Scale Facilities, Consultancy, Training Courses and PhDs Opportunities. 

EDANA encourages its members to hold collaborative research activities and projects that benefit members in full compliance with general regulatory and competition law requirements. In addition, it helps in identifying European public funding opportunities for these activities and projects. In the last decade the number of Centres of Excellence member of EDANA has grown from 2 to 11.