Here is what students and researchers at the Nonwovens Innovation Academy 2017 had to say about the event and their research 

The Nonwovens Innovation Academy 2017 welcomed 12 students and researchers. They presented academic posters in the networking area to the delegates and a jury of experts. If you are interested to receive a copy of the poster do contact us. 

If you are interested to submit a research poster for the next edition in 2022, check student grants & posters for more details.


1. Use of single step electrospun polycaprolactone and self-assembling peptide aligned fibre webs in a mechanically tuneable hydrogel for spinal cord tissue engineering


2. Techno-Economic Self-Optimisation of Cards


3.Functionalised collagen-based nonwovens via wet spinning and drylaid web formation for medical devices


4. Influence of Fibre Orientation on Pore Size Characteristics of Nonwoven Materials


5. Customization of Insole Using Antibacterial Nonwoven


6. Enhancing air filtration efficiency using needleless electro-spun nanofibers


7. Modelling the properties of pigment-printed polypropylene nonwoven fabric


8. Development of nonwoven air filter for petrol and diesel engines


9. Designing superhydrophobic nonwoven materials with hierarchical roughness and low surface energy


10. Characterisation and prognosis of the capillary rise of fluids in textile structures - wicking of oil into cotton nonwovens


11. Can nonwoven textile production methods be implemented to create a sustainable fabric for apparel?


12. RecyCarb — process optimisation and on-line monitoring in the recycling of carbon fibre waste for the re-use in high-grade fibre-reinforced plastics

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