Adult incontinence products

Incontinence can dramatically change an individual’s ability to participate in everyday life. It is a condition that will be experienced by more than a quarter of all women at some stage of their life and by nearly a fifth of older men. Some 55 percent of female residents in long term care facilities in Europe are incontinent.

Incontinence can:

  • Cause isolation
  • Result in depression and psychological problems
  • Prohibit social activity
  • Prohibit active participation in the workforce.


There is a wide product range of adult incontinence products designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and gender. They enable users to:

  • Maintain a sense of dignity
  • Be confident that they will not experience leakage
  • Work and/or take part in social activities
  • Be confident about odour control
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness
  • Retain independence
  • Protect skin health, as products that are highly absorbent and use ‘breathable’ materials reduce skin wetness. See report on skin health and hygiene benefits of absorbent hygiene products.


Caring for a relative, friend or patient who is incontinent is often a distressing and difficult. Effective adult incontinence products can be a great help in this situation.

The adult incontinence products:

  • Save valuable carer time in changing and disposing of products allowing more time for other important caring activities
  • Make changing a less difficult process
  • Reduce costs by limiting the need for care of infections and bed sores caused by wetness and leakage
  • Reduce costs and time in washing soiled clothes and bed linen.


For more information on  testing of adult incontinence products and safety of absorbent hygiene products

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The composition of adult incontinence products

This adult incontinence AHPs, liners, pads & pants component table presents the different components used for the manufacturing of an adult incontinence diaper as well as the different parts composing it.

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An adult matter
Incontinence products for adults are increasingly resembling regular cotton briefs as a result of sophisticated constructions and innovations in nonwovens, elastics and films. Not too long ago, sufferers had very restricted choice – the products available were little more than larger versions of baby diapers, bulky and often with serious fit issues. As a result, they were less effective and users had to dress around them.
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