Why use nonwovens in clothing and footwear?

Nonwovens are an ideal material for the fashion industry. Used for many decades in hidden functions, such as interlinings and components of shoes and bags, today young designers are using nonwovens as a creative and versatile new material.

The elegance, style and function of clothes can depend on the presence and performance of interlinings. The success of nonwovens is due to their versatility and the ability to engineer many different properties into them, such as shape-retention, adaptation to the characteristics of the outer fabric and lightness in weight.

Today, the global retail sector is fascinated with the prospect of incorporating nonwovens fabrics in fashion, sports and outdoor performance apparel as a means of providing something “different” to current woven and knitted apparel.

The different uses are:

  • Interlinings (fronts of overcoats, collars, facings, waistbands, lapels etc)
  • Shoe components (shoelace eyelet reinforcement, athletic shoe & sandal reinforcement, inner sole lining)
  • Bag components


  • Bonding agent
  • Composition and (wash) care labels
  • Disposable underwear