What are the different types of nonwovens wipes on the market?

Wipes come handy in many aspects of daily life. There are divided into two main categories regarding if they are considered a consumer product or a professional product. The consumer wipes are divided into personal care usage and household care usage, as the professional wipes are the ones used in industrial applications and in the medical sector.

Consumer products
Personal care
Baby wipes Cosmetic wipes Intimate care wipes Moist toilet tissue (flushable) Toddler (toilet) training wipes (flushable) Toddler face cleaning wipes
Household care
APC (hard surface cleaning) wipes Bathroom cleaning wipes Disinfection wipes (domestic use) Floor wipes Glass/screen cleaning wipes Kitchen wipes Spectacle cleaning wipes
Professional products
Industrial wipes
Automotive Electronic and computer industry Food industry Janitorial Manufacturing, Engineering, Maintenance Optical industries Printing Transportation
Medical wipes
Hospital and community disinfectant wipes Hospital grade disinfectant wipes Patient care wipes