The EDANA Stewardship Programme for Absorbent Hygiene Products


The EDANA Stewardship Programme for Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHPs) is a voluntary initiative launched by the nonwovens industry in July 2020. It builds on a series of pre-existing voluntary initiatives under EDANA’s Vision for the nonwovens industry to provide transparency and reassurance for consumers regarding trace levels of impurities found in these products. Absorbent Hygiene Products include baby diapers, menstrual care products, and adult incontinence products.

Signatories to the programme undertake:

  • to monitor the presence of a defined list of trace chemicals in AHPs;
  • to take action to ensure that they do not exceed agreed guidance values and that these guidance values are lower than those required by existing EU and national legislation;
  • to reinforce transparency by publishing product composition to enable consumers to make informed choices;
  • to take part in communication activities across the EU to further enhance consumer understanding of trace level impurities.

The Stewardship Program allows companies to voluntarily go beyond current EU and national legislation and the participants are free to go beyond the established criteria of the Stewardship Program based on their specific quality assurance processes.

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Elements of this EDANA stewardship programme

Charter and Signatories

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Stewardship Programme Codex™

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Governance structure

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Transparency on AHP components

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