Regulatory affairs in nonwovens

EDANA supports its members by carrying out regulatory analysis and proactively informing them about any relevant legislation for the industry. This includes monitoring and acting upon new developments within the following legislations: Classification and Labelling (CLP), General Product Safety, Medical Devices, Biocidal Products, REACH, Cosmetic Products, national and international regulations

These monitoring activities, analysis and subsequent discussions with members allow to provide input to public consultations, to regulators and to other stakeholders.

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Absorbent hygiene products and regulation 

Absorbent hygiene products (excl. incontinence products) are not subject to sector-specific EU legislation. Their safety requirements are covered by the following general (‘horizontal’) EU legislation applicable to multiple consumer goods which are the General Product Safety Directive, REACH and Classification and Labelling (CLP) 

When regulations are applicable, the ones concerned are the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), the Cosmetic Products Regulation and the Medical Device Regulation.

The EDANA “Supply chain information for Absorbent Hygiene Products” is a useful guidance. This document presents EDANA’s position on the minimum safety and regulatory information needed by companies placing absorbent hygiene products on the EU market. It includes:

  • information needed to ensure the regulatory compliance of those absorbent hygiene products and their raw materials
  • information on best practice
  • guidelines


In 2015 EDANA issued the Guide to Biocidal Product regulation. This guide helps EDANA members and their suppliers to comply with the obligations they may have under the BPR. The focus of this document is on the new requirements for treated articles, as interpreted by the final Note for Guidance, however other elements of the BPR are also covered in brief.

General Product Safety Directive

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Classification and Labelling (CLP)

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Biocidal Product Regulation

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Medical Devices Regulations

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