Quality and Audit programme (QAP)

Within the supply chain of absorbent hygiene products many quality audits are being conducted on an ongoing basis. As there are multiple quality standards out there and multiple companies may unintentionally duplicate the audit of a single supplier. This audit system can be improved by creating a harmonised standard and removing redundant audits. Two years ago the was exactly the idea that led towards quality assurance programme.

QAP is a Quality, auditing and certification programme

It is a quality programme, based on a harmonised quality standard.

After a number of preliminary meetings and workshops in which the idea has been discussed the standard has been drafted by an expert panel of members, using the best available standards as a basis. This work has been completed in the summer of 2019, resulting in a preliminary but agreed standard.

To be effective it needs to be implemented by companies in the supply chain and will be audited in an objective and consistent way. A series of 20 pilot audits will be carried out over 2020 by BSI, the British Standardisation Institute who EDANA members have assigned with this task after a careful supplier evaluation and selection procedure.

Finally QAP includes a certification step as well, in which the result of the audit is expressed in a certificate.


QAP, an ongoing project...

  • 1st audit: May 26-28         
  • 2nd audit: June 30-July 2
  • 3rd audit: July 12-14
  • 4th audit: August 16-18


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