Fundamentals in Filtration training course

This course is a lively, practical and hands-on 2-day training course that will provide you with a unique overview of all aspects of nonwoven filter media, including filtration principles, processes and applications. 

After the introduction in which definitions, types and different origins of dust are being presented, the filtration theory will be explained, followed by a comprehensive review of the most relevant international standards about filtration media.

This knowledge will be put in practise in 2 application modules, one focusing on air pollution control (at the point of emission) and indoor air filtration (HVAC), and the other on automotive filtration, including air intake filtration, cabin air filtration, fuel and oil filtration. During the course attention will be given to converting technologies.

"Hi, I am Marines, Scientific & Technical Director at EDANA and your host for this course. I'll be more than happy to welcome you on this course. The tutor and I have at heart to make this experience enjoyable and instructive. You will be encouraged to participate, interact and think as a team. It is also a good chance for you to make contacts with other players in the filtration industry."

To suit your needs we offer two possibilities to attend this course either as a classroom training, or as a webinar. On our training calendar you’ll find more information on the upcoming training sessions, where you may also find practical information for the registration.